Software Operations & Maintenance

Surient can perform database and system administration on your behalf. If you own the code to your applications, we can enhance them per your specifications, allowing you to extend the lives of your applications while keeping up with advancements in processes and technologies.

Surient has experience administering complex, mission-critical systems per stringent service level agreements and can do so 24 hours per day, due in part to our dual locations in the US and Asia. Here, our guarantee comes in the form of liquidated and stipulated damages documented in the service level agreement. If we fail to provide the contracted level of service, the monthly invoice will be decreased by the penalties associated with the under-performance. 

Are you seeking a trusted technology company to support your existing software?

Call us or fill out the contact form today and we will discuss your situation together. Normally, Surient can provide you with a statement of work and associated pricing within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the requirements. 

Does your business have software in need of operation, support, maintenance, or enhancement?