Software Testing Services

Whether you are developing software yourself or you've hired a third party to do it, Surient's quality assurance team can perform independent quality assurance and control functions for you. 
We provide:
Dedicated teams of engineers that know code, follow our QA process, and have experience with automated software
testing tools

Test Cases and Test Plans. We can design appropriate tests or we can follow those you've put into place. We're in either way.
Tools, Frameworks, and Templates.
No need to reinvent the wheel or to train in newbies. We've got it covered.
Results. Your deliverable is a detailed report that tells you whether user requirements are met and provides our opinion that
the product is structurally sound (or not) and built to the required specifications. Your report will identify problem areas and
will provide useful recommendations for remediation of these issues

Do you have a software build in need of independent verification and validation (IV&V)? Call us now to discuss or fill out the form below. Not ready to make contact yet? Maybe you'd like to read about how Surient supported a client with IV&V services while you wait? 

Surient can provide you with the piece of mind that comes 

from knowing that your custom software is on target (or not).

Case Study: Testing software as an                       independent third party

A large Austrian firm was re-factoring a complex back office system. It’s millions of lines of code were used successfully in South America, but big changes were needed to get it ready for introduction into the North American market.

The Challenge

Surient’s client had a contractual commitment to deliver the system to their client. If the implementation was late, our clients would need to pay damages. If the system was delivered early or on time, yet didn’t meet the performance criteria in the contract, our client would pay damages. There was a need to expand the testing effort prior to go live to ensure quality – without impacting the deadlines

The Solution

Surient won this work due to having expertise in this particular domain. As such, Surient’s domain experts ramped up quickly, evaluating the client’s test cases and suggesting edits where needed, as well as creating new cases. We provided quality assurance and control staff that followed these test cases and modified them as we progressed as needed, identifying issues with the software and validating those aspects of the software that met the requirements.

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