Surient's multi-shore teams are headed up by seasoned executives that know the languages, customs, and laws of each country, facilitating communication between the two. 

Noor Amin

Noor Amin


Shougata Ghosh

Noor is responsible for Surient's North American operations and delivery. Prior to Surient, Noor put in his 10,000 hours developing software at multinationals including Motorola, Schneider Electric, and Atkins Global. Noor earned a BS and an MS in Electrical Engineering on scholarship at Texas A&M, graduating with honors.

Shougata leads our Dhaka, Bangladesh practice. After graduating with an MS in Engineering from Princeton, Shougata gained extensive experience with process optimization and developed a widely used algorithm for complex multi-layer production planning software that is now used widely in the apparel manufacturing industry.

Fred leads business development for Surient, marketing the company's services and acquiring clients and partners. Prior to co-founding Surient with Noor, Fred was a public sector CIO and IT advisory consultant for a global firm. He has a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Rice.


Fred Philipson


From time-to time, Surient partners with an independent software vendor or consulting firm to get things done or to generate new business. Some of our partners are shown here. If you have an opportunity that you would like to discuss, call us at 512.999.3866.

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